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Co-Founders, Lead Organizers, and Running (Shoe) Enthusiasts…

Kurtis Marlow

Kurtis is a Registered Massage Therapist at Health in Focus in Kingston, Ontario. His passion for sport and an active lifestyle has guided his practice to be built around supporting the local Kingston sports community, and specifically the running community. This interest in helping local runners and athletes, combined with his involvement and experiences in the running scene as a recreational distance runner, have helped shape the vision of this organization. As a father of four young children, Kurtis understands and sees first hand the difference living an active lifestyle and being involved in sport can make for kids. Unfortunately, there are many children missing out on the opportunity to participate in physical education in schools, or join their friends in organized sport because they do not have the appropriate footwear. Kurtis is determined to help make that change. He is driven to make sure that access to shoes is no longer a barrier to sport participation for local youth. The ReRUN Shoe Project is the first step to achieving this. It’s a project that is simple in theory, but life changing in practice.

Julie-Anne Staehli

Julie-Anne is a professional athlete, representing Team Canada and Team New Balance Boston. She recently competed in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the 2022 World Indoor Championships. Julie-Anne completed her BAH and MSc in Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University, and received a teaching degree from Western University. With a passion for academics and athletics, she hopes to bring these disciplines together and pursue a career in sport education. Alongside her academic endeavours, Julie-Anne is chasing her athletic dreams as she hopes to make her second Olympic team. With an abundance of shoes from miles of training, Julie-Anne is passionate about giving back and sharing her love of running. In volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston, her first-hand experience is what made this project a mission. Julie-Anne believes there should be no barriers to sport participation, and providing proper footwear is one step in making that change. ReRUN is more than just an organization, it is about giving back and making a difference in a someone’s life—for the long run.

Danae Keddie

Danae is a Medical Student at the University of Alberta. Her goal is to pursue a career that focuses on preventative medicine and the role of an active lifestyle in promoting health and wellness. When she’s not studying, she’s either running, spending time with family and friends, or adventuring outside. Growing up in a running family, Danae ran for the UofA Varsity teams, and has experience in marathon and ultra-marathon running. She endeavors to contribute to the running community through volunteering at local races. Danae’s passion for an active lifestyle coupled with her desire to give back to the community have prompted her to join The ReRUN Shoe Project. ReRUN is an opportunity to turn shoes from many miles into many smiles.

Amanda Truelove

Amanda is a teacher, coach, and runner living in London, Ontario. Amanda ran collegiately for Duke University before coming to Western University to complete her Master’s in Kinesiology, as well as her Bachelor of Education Degree. As a Health & Physical Education teacher, Amanda aspires to instill in all of her students a lifelong love of being active for overall health and well-being. Amanda is the head cross-country and track and field coach for the London Western Junior Development Program, teaching young athletes the fundamentals and helping to grow the sport from the grassroots up. Amanda enjoys sharing her love and passion for the sport with others and strives to make sport accessible for all by partnering with The ReRUN Shoe Project!

Claudia Belanger

Claudia is a corporate go getter, runner and outdoor enthusiast in Calgary. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Queen’s University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Business, and is currently working as a life sciences and technology underwriter for Chubb. As a Queen’s cross country & track alumni, Claudia is extremely passionate about ensuring running, sport and a healthy lifestyle are accessible to everyone in her community. She is heavily involved with United Way Calgary fundraising initiatives through her firm, and is an assistant coach for the junior development team for Caltaf Athletics, which have proven the impact that a program like ReRUN can have on a child’s life. After being sidelined for a few years due to a hip injury, Claudia is passionate about lacing up her own runners again and being involved with the Calgary running community. Collectively, with the help of Strides Running Store, the Tech Shop, Global News and Caltaf Athletics, Calgary has donated over 100 pairs of shoes, with more on the way!